Caring for the Caregiver

Imagine being a mother of three young children, all under the age of six years old and finding yourself unable to physically care for yourself.  That is where Eliza Washington was after an extensive hospitalization for exacerbation of lupus. Ultimately there was one complication after another.  Fortunately Eliza was admitted to Saginaw Senior Care and Rehab Center (SSCRC).  When Eliza became a guest of SSCRC she was unable to use her hands, arms, legs and struggled to speak as well as feed herself.  When Eliza was initially admitted, she was discouraged and subdued about her situation and prognosis.  The staff of SSCRC, especially Nursing and Rehabilitation refused to let her take a day off in my rehabilitation and pushed me to strive to my full potential.

After nine and a half months of intensive therapy and nursing care Eliza was able to return home with my family.   “I walk with a walker, BUT I can walk, bathe and dress myself,” said Eliza, “I am very thankful for the care, the pushing and the kindness of SSCRC.  They became my friends and will be such.”

 Saginaw Senior Care & Rehab Center helps our rehabilitation guests get back to health, and back to home. Check back frequently to read more of our short term rehabilitation success stories.

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