About Us


Saginaw Senior Care & Rehab as a long and rich history of quality care . Saginaw Senior Care & Rehab Center opened in late 1960’s and was¬†acquired¬†by Martin Luther Memorial Home (MLMH), Inc. in 1973. ¬†MLMH was a non-profit facility owned by the Michigan District of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. The center was a 71 bed facility until 1997, at which time it became an 86 bed facility as it added 15 religious based beds. ¬†Project Compassion (PCI), Inc., a non-profit non-denominational Christian organization ¬†acquired the facility from MLMH in 2004. ¬†In 2009, Nexcare Health Sytems acquired the business from PCI. ¬†At this same time, the facility changed back to 71 beds as we were no longer able to utilize the previous 15 religious based beds.

MLMH had a 2 million dollar renovation in 1996 Р1997 and added 24 new rooms.  This allowed the facility to go from 1 private room in 1996 to the current set up of 37 private rooms and 17 semi private rooms.  The business has changed significantly over time,  as the acuity has increased greatly and rehabilitation has become an integral part of our business